Tournament Updates

September 21, 2016 - 10pm
CLARIFICATION - Tournament roster is NOT full
As of tonight Sept 21 we have 6 positions available. Sorry we have to fill the last spot before we will start filling the vacated spots up the list. This is only fair to those who registered early.
We have a few that paid early deposit that we have not heard from re: balance of payment. If we fill up the roster we will be dropping these teams for people with full registrations. If you see a name on the list that is not paid kindly remind them to contact us to verify attendance at

Tournament list is now up to date as of 10pm September 21, 2016. If you registered by cheque and your name is not yet on the list we have not received your cheque. with the field nearing full I will try to update as changes happen - cheques received, new registrations etc.

If you still owe an odd amount (Teams 10, 53, 78, 86 & 126) bring your money to the tournament and we will settle up the difference Friday night.

With less than a week to go you should know who your fishing with. If you have not yet done so, please register 2nd anglers online so we can process everyone quicker at the tournament.

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee for the 2016 stoneylakecombo is $225 paid in full before Midnight August 31, 2016. If full payment is not received by midnight August 31, 2016 a $25 late fee will be charged.


Your $60.00 deposit will hold your spot until Midnight September 10, 2016. Starting September 11th, 2016 if full payment is not received, your position is no longer guaranteed. Should the field be full and a waiting list started those on the waiting list will be placed into the unpaid positions. You will lose your position and there will be no refunds of deposits paid.